Meet The Krause Family

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of owning my own restaurant. Owning Mary’s Kitchen makes that dream come true for myself, my wife Maggie, and our son Stewart.

I have been working at Mary’s Diner for 14 years, six as a manager, and Maggie has been in the restaurant industry for 20 years. To have this opportunity means everything to us.

Mary’s Kitchen, which was owned by Mary’s Diner owners Neil and Nicole LaRusch, was established along the lake 75 years ago, and has a loyal customer base. We are committed to the legacy of this place.

Mary’s Kitchen is a blessing for us in so many ways. The seasonal opening of the restaurant makes it the perfect investment for us as a family, as our son, Stewart, has some very special needs. We spend a lot of time at the doctors and in hospitals with Stewart, so being open five months out of the year is very possible for us given his health issues.

I am a 1994 Geneva High School graduate and I have lived in Geneva my whole life. This community means a lot to us. The people here have really supported us and embraced us with Stewart. We have needed that support and Mary’s Kitchen is our chance to give back to the community.

I am genuinely in awe of this dream come true, and I never thought I’d own a restaurant on the Geneva-on-the-Lake strip. It’s overwhelming and awesome to think about how long I have wanted this, and now we have the chance to make this dream a reality. It’s humbling.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of your for supporting us and Mary’s Kitchen as we embark on our new adventure together.


Mary’s Kitchen: 75 Years at Geneva-on-the-Lake


Mary’s Kitchen got its start in a house adjacent to the Buckeye Hotel (across the street). Bertha Shatto, owner of the Buckeye Hotel, briefly used the cottage for preparing meals for her family. In 1946, Ashtabula resident Matilda Ferritto opened the Carlomar, which would soon be known as Mary’s Kitchen, in the cottage.

Ferritto purchased the building in June of that year from Bertha Shatto Ferritto specialized in steaks, spaghetti, and chicken dinners. She also rented the second story rooms to vacationers.

Ferritto sold the building to John and Mary Dobos in April 1952, and they operated Mary’s Kitchen until Mary 1980, when Barbara Breen purchased it. The next owner was W.D. Jones, who bought the restaurant in 1991.

Neil LaRusch leased the restaurant in 2013 and purchased it in 2014.

Mary’s Kitchen celebrates its 75th year at Geneva-on-the-Lake with new owners John and Maggie Krause. The Krause family is honored to uphold the traditions and family-friendly dining beloved by local residents and vacationers.

The recipes used at Mary’s Kitchen are the heart and soul of the business. They have been passed down from owner to owner as part of each sale transaction. Our signature recipes include the Texas Barbeque Sandwich served on a cornmeal dusted roll. This Geneva-on-the-Lake specialty uses the Burns Barbeque Stand recipe for pulled pork.

“Homemade” is the only way to describe the items on the menu at Mary’s Kitchen. We are proud to serve traditional favorites including spaghetti, chicken noodle soup, and cabbage rolls. Don’t forget dessert! Our fruit and cream pies are delicious, and the strawberry shortcake is famous!